Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Best Day So Far

After two days of rain and alternative activities, basically indoor swimming and sauna in a 5-star-hotel, some bowling, some cooking for friends and stuff, finally the sun came out inviting us back outside and to the horses.

With days not practicing we needed to get back on track, better, back on horseback and see if we didn't forget to much of our training. 

As a matter of facts, no! We not only didn' forget, as everything seemed so familiar. We really got into it and practiced a lot only one thing in mind, if the weather stayed firm we'd be on our big ride the very next day!

Kids went to bed early and after a long, long night we woke up early and immediately checked the window to see ... ... a partly clouded but in general sunny day! Yes! Our meeting was set to 2 pm, we had to rent two extra horses so we could all ride on one, that left us with the morning to prepare mentally for our adventure. We coocked us a delicious chicken meal, after all we had to be physically prepared too, stuffed the backpack with water and some snacks and of we went! 

When we got to the farm and saw the rented horses, that funny feeling from the first days came back. We knew Dolca and Pipo, after all we trained with them, but these new guys, Toto, a gorgeous light brown and particularly huge horse and a mustang like black and white beautiful horse, who's name I do not recall, were somehow frightening. But there was no time for formal introductions, we had to saddle them and get going so we'd be back before sunset.

At this point I could be writing in every detail how this trip went, so many emotions, a beautiful sight, abundant nature and a gorgeous afternoon. But no, I'd just like to resume it like so:

The best day ever, so far!

Unfortunately I have no software with me to edit all the pictures taken, but as soon as we are back home I will prepare an album and post it to my facebook account for you all to see. I will also edit these posts and add some pics, so if you want you can come back after the 7th of February and check it out. 

So far, thank you for being with us on this amazing vacation.

This was our view!

100% nature
always behind - for safety!

Happiest family ever!

My dear friend Marc and his almost mustang!

Me and my new friend Pipo!

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