Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

A President That Cares ... Less!

Isn't it scary? While our mainstream media barely touches the issue, international news is outraged about our dear President Dilma Rouseff's spendings while traveling to meet the new Pope - and she isn't even catholic!

And if that wasn't enough, she now went with her ex-president friends to Mandela's funeral spending some more. And as usual making a fool of herself.

For the money spent on just these two trips we could easily build and equip a small hospital or 2 schools - actually no, since we here overprice everything we might be able to buy just a very small ambulance with that kind of cash!

Anyways, just wondering, for how long will this folks take this kind of shit without reaction?

I don't know. What I know, I am on the verge of becoming a mayor criminal since congress is talking about the criminalization of anyone who dares to speak out and criticize our politicians!

"Am, excuse me! Can I get one of them cells like them ones our convicted politicians get? With HDTV, bar, room service and stuff!!! I'd very much appreciate that!"

Dilma's travel expenses!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This is Rio de Janeiro! Come and enjoy!

I'd really like to translate all this, but I guess the pictures speak for themselves.

You still thinking about spending your money to come to the World Cup? You better bring your swimsuit and some fins!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brazil and the World Cup 2014

It's been a while since I last posted. Thinking about why, there is only one answer that comes to my mind: I just can't believe!

I can't believe that people, mostly the younger ones, went to the streets to protest about the raise of public transportation prices - got a cut back - but are quiet paying a "new" fee that they charge you now, whenever you re-charge your pre-payed public transportation card!

I can't believe that people continued going to the streets protesting about the lack of education, health care, security, over pricing and in special about corruption within our government, got their asses kicked by an overreacting brutal police force, got arrested and falsely accused and ... got convicted of crimes they never committed, but the rest of the nation looks away.

I can't believe that these same people who where abused, stolen of their elementary rights, slapped in their faces on a daily basis and still, went back home and to business as usual.

I can't believe that they finally - and I say finally because we are being abused of for decades now from our government - stood up for their rights and, well, made fools of themselves.

And I can't believe, that I am one of them!

Yes, I went to the streets to! I protested against politicians that abuse of their privileges, that steal public money and give themselves more and more benefits, while the people suffer more and more! I got beaten by police just because I was there. And yet, I am back in my cousy home - just wondering.

You, out there, you want to know the truth about Brazil?

Well, we brought corruption to a new level! We kind of PHD-ed when it comes to stealing public money. Or over-taxing. Or lying to the people and the World. We allow our politicians to give themselves privileges you cannot dream of. Yes, we actually charge, trial, convict some of them and still pay their revenues while incarcerated! And their pensions!

We are being lied to, we are given crumbs while a few eat caviar, we have to stand in line and pray to get medical attention while them abuse of the best private hospitals in the country. Yes, our politicians have private health care that we, the tax-payer pay for but we cannot afford private insurance ourselves.

We have the worst education, the worst health care, no security at all and yet we can afford to build the most expensive Soccer World Cup in history! Well, at least we try to. The money is already spent, but nothing, not one construction is finished and functioning. I do not want to talk about infra-structure - it would be to funny - or sad! Just one example, it rained this night here in Rio de Janeiro, a few hours of fine rain and maybe a couple of minutes of heavy one - and - the city is a chaos! Half of it under water and the other half in traffic jam.

I am happy that I do not like soccer at all. Otherwise I'd be very concerned about visiting one (any) of the stadiums build for the Cup. If you have the smallest knowledge of construction or engineering you will see that what they have done, is a potential risk to anyone who enters a stadium. But this will be the last of your problems when you come to the World Cup. It will begin at your arrival at the airport. Continue on the way to the hotel, and if you make it to a stadium alive and with all your belongings, than you start hoping that it won't collapse.

Brazil is a joke (unfortunately one that causes thousands of deaths every year) and Brazilians are clowns. Selfish, arrogant, stupid idiots with whom you can do whatever you want and will hear no complaint - as long as you don't talk about their favorite soccer team.

The worst, I am one of them.

collapsed even before finished

just after a little rain

First spray than ask

do not hurt yourself or get sick

do not argue soccer

sentenced yet happy and well payed

yes we care - about us