Thursday, September 23, 2010


Every 2 years, at least here in Brazil, people are called to its civil duty. We are called to vote for our representation in government.

Supposedly we are the second largest, biggest, fakest, whatever democracy in the world. And in plenty twenty first century, in that so-called democracy, the act of voting is obligatory. So the real choice we have is actually not if we vote or not, it is who of them scumbags we give authorization to screw us for at least 4 years.

I might sound a little bitter here, but honestly, read the books and papers! For the past 500 years (here in Brazil) there has been mainly stealing, lying, torturing, killing, some more lying and stealing and even more killing among our leaders. The ones we voted into office because they promised us to work in our interests – in the interest of the people.

And we do it again and again. And we will do it in the future as well. Why? Because the ones that get the message and don’t want to become part of this big conspiracy business, leave. Leave the country in pursuit of happiness, elsewhere. 

The ones that stay, believing that change might happen, or simply for the love they feel for their home, become minority. Minority of educated people in a humongous country, where most of its inhabitants barely read or write their names – but all vote, it’s mandatory. Government even lowered age to make more people eligible to vote. A country in which the majority of simple and honest people don’t understand what the government is doing to them and are happy as long as they maintain their humble way of life in some dignity, hoping for change some day and believing that this time, politician will keep their promises and work for good.

And as long education is minority, as long majority believes and lacks of ambition simply because they don’t know better, as long as the big ones want to become bigger and bigger and couldn’t care less about the rest, things won’t change.

But there is still hope.

There is hope because these big and smart ones ain’t so smart after all. They make mistakes. Since they are so occupied becoming richer and richer, sometimes they miss some important issue. And one very big issue they missed for sure and it might break some neck.

When they made internet available for all, thinking about selling computers and software and making billions of dollars with communication, they forgot that with communication comes information!  And people communicate well. And people started to wake up. And people are exchanging information and nothing can be hidden from the masses anymore. And people started messing up them big ones plans. And they desperately try to fix it by monopolizing services and buying all the networks people created and try to control again the information people get.

But it’s to late!

And history teaches us, it needs only a hand full of illusionists, a hand full of dreamer willing and ready for change, and the crowd might see it, and like it, and go for it.

And for the first time in mankind’s history, people might choose right and get together as one and realize that everything is connected and that we can’t do harm to somebody without doing harm to ourselves and that when we do god to other we do so to us.

I have a dream and in my dream people keep the promises they make, people treat each other with kindness and respect, people work together and take care of each other. And no, I am no socialist. I just want this world to be what it supposed to be, Heaven on Earth.

It won’t happen today, neither tomorrow. But today, right now, is a good day to start changing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi s tory

People often ask me who I am. "Well", I use to answer, "as soon I figure that out I let you know!" So I decided to go deep into my memories, write them down and see if I get an answer.

I was born last of three childs, in an upper middle class home in Rio de Janeiro. And when I say last I mean dead last. My sister is 10 years older and my bro 6, so imagine how that was. My dad was a diplomat for the german Government and my mom a housewife. 

One thing my parents really liked was moving. Every other year we changed address and every 4 years we went even further. We changed countries. Than there were the holidays, birthdays, regular and indispensable visits of some relatives and many other reasons I don't recall, for us to travel. So most of the time I lived out of bags in some hotel room. Imagine how frustrating it is for a young person to boarder a plane and the entire crew knows you by name. You go "Hello Captain Auschel!" and he answers "Oh, no, not him again!"

In my teens life became more complicated. I discovered that there was another sex! Yo, that was something. So immediately I fell in love with my female classmates, schoolmates, neighbor daughters, almost anybody that used a skirt. Oh and at that times all the girls used skirts. Somehow though, I was doing something wrong. I was deeply in passion, crazy for some kissing, but the girls saw me more like an older brother, good friend, to good to screw around with...


Well, I got my share of kissing, saw my first pair of bare boobs, touched some.... wow... and had many, not so glamorous experiences, one of witch I need to tell here.

Sometimes I went with my dad on some "business trip". On one occasion we flew to LA. He had some diplomat stuff to do and I was left with the teenage kids of his boss. I was invited to a high school party on a friday night and I was really exited about that. Had seen so many of them in the movies. 

Please remember this happened like in 1978, so different times, I just started to learn english, things in general were different.

So, we went to that party and everything was just the way I expected it to be. Music, sodas, some beer nobody should know about, girls. Girls! In special that one blond that was looking at me all the time and I couldn't resist and looked to. 
It went like this for... an eternity. My friend laughing at me and I, with no idea on what to do. But I didn't need to do anything. That gorgeous blonde came towards me, smiling, looking directly into my scared eyes... 

"Hi!"she said... ... ... ... ... I was supposed to say something but somehow my mouth was shut and wouldn't open... ... .. "Hi, I am horny!!!!"... ... ...
"Hi, I am Robert...!"

After I recovered from the slap in my face, I saw the entire party gang crying from laughter, all looking at me on the ground and the gorgeous in rage over me yelling a bunch of stuff I didn't understood. 

Hmm, now that I remember, after that, I never dated a blond again. This stuff works! An interesting way to find out who you are.

By the way, the story is true.

Love you all !!!! Soon more to come.

Those were the days! The one in the middle with them black hair 
(yes I had some) is me

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When the Rule becomes the Exception

The past few days I spent doing something I always thought to be normal. I helped a friend. 

No big deal actually, just some paintwork so that he could return a rented apartment in time not to pay an extra month, and, so that he could save some money he'd had to pay for a hired painter. 

The od thing about this story is not my action as painter, I believe I did a fairly good job. It is the fact that this friend of mine, felt as he had to thank me for what I was doing, all the time. I wasn't even done yet and he started thanking me and expressing gratitude and worst to come, he stated over and over again, that he now owed me. Owed me what and for what?!

I grew up believing that helping others, specially the ones that are close to you, was and is part of being human. I mean, even animals do help each other. And by help I mean that kind of help that you do without expecting anything back. Just being a friend. How come that this friend of mine feels as he owed me for my action? Has the world changed so much that common things became seldom, and I missed these changes somehow. Did I sleep for the past decades? 

My intentions were pure and simple, I had some spare time, liked the idea of doing some handy work, a friend needed help and I could provide. So I did. Now that I finished, my body aches (and I am sure tomorrow I will feel every single muscle), I am very tired but instead of feeling happy about the work done, I have now a friend that believes that he owes me... what he doesn't!

This makes me very sad.

Next time someone needs help and I happen to be able to provide, I will. Couse I want the world to be a place where people care for each other, and I want to be a model for my children by living what I believe is right and teaching them with my actions and not only with words. And maybe someone sees me doing so, and likes it, and does it to, and than someone sees him doing so, and likes it, and follows ... ... ... ... ...

If you want to change the world, start with the man in the mirror!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The worst thing about groups are their values. Traditional values, American values, family values, shared values, OUR values. Just code for white middle-class prejudices and discrimination, justification for greed and hatred. I believe in giving everyone, as I encounter them, one at a time the full value of their dignity and their honor in the world. Whether I’m seen as a celebrity on an elevator or I’m just the stranger, I open myself to them and I take them in and I give them everything I would want myself in terms of treatment, feeling and consideration. I call that a value.

(c) Robert Ziehe

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Cried

On september 11, 2001 I started the day with business as usual. Breakfast, shower, smalltalk with my soon to be wife, at that time 7 month pregnant of our first child. 

As soon I got to my studio I turned on the computer to browse around the daily news and check my mails. It was still before 9 am. 

"A plane has just crashed into on of the towers of the WTC in NY!" 

I believe one of my friends on MSN just send me this message and I went "No way! One of them stupid private pilots again..." "No, they say it was a big plane, a commercial one...!?" ... ... ...

In disbelieve I went back to the house to turn on the TV. Local news weren't saying that much yet so I turned to CNN - they were live.

Throughout the years I've seen many things. Good ones and bad ones. I've been to war, covered disaster - natural and manmade. I've seen horrible things, but I still wasn't ready for this. I was sitting thousands of miles away in my living room watching on live TV how a commercial airliner flew into the WTC and shortly after both towers collapsed. Live! And the first time in my entire life I was scared. My wife had a doctors appointment to check out the baby and as she left I told her to be aware of anything and to call me if anything different happens, and as I kept watching, not believing what I was seeing, I thought that the world has come to an end. The end of the world as we knew it. 

I didn't work on that day, neither the days after. 

Today, 9 years later, I see my child growing up, we had a second one just 2 years later, I am getting a divorce, another war was fought, thousands of people were killed in the name of God, or Allah or however you want to name your God, the US has a black president, the earth is heating up, more disaster - natural and manmade, people are still looking for love and for peace. 

I am not scared anymore. I believe because I got used to it. As we all get used to things we can't change, so that we don't feel bad about them anymore. But, ...

I don't want to be scared and I don't want to get used to things. I want the world to change! I want this world to become a better place. 

So I changed. 

But at night or on a moment when I am alone and nobody sees me, I am still crying. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Sets of Proud Parents

Doug is the proud and loving father of Emma, a high school junior who takes a leadership class responsible for putting on dances and other student events. All student body officers must take the class, but a number of other kids like Emma who just like to participate are also enrolled. Well, Emma is a little different and she's becoming more aware of those differences. Recently, she began to tell her father through tears, "I don't like having Down's Syndrome."

Doug comforted and encouraged his daughter the best he could, but he admits he always wonders how her classmates really perceive her. Do they just tolerate or patronize her, or do they see the richness of her character and appreciate her sense of humor and the beauty of her heart?

These concerns came into play when he visited Emma at a school event where she was working at a table with the student body president, a handsome kid named Chris. Later, Emma announced that Chris had invited her to the homecoming dance. Doug was doubtful and afraid that she might be embarrassed or hurt if she misunderstood. So he checked with the leadership teacher, who discreetly confirmed it was true. This extraordinary young man asked Emma to accompany him to dinner and the dance.

Doug was moved to tears and confessed he was ashamed he doubted this could happen. He wrote of his joy seeing his daughter prepare for one of the greatest days in her life. And he marveled at the kindness and self-confidence of the young man who was able to see and care about the inner Emma.

Doug was rightfully proud of Emma, but how good would you feel to be Chris's parents?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

From the Throne

First I complaign about technology, now I am sitting on that, you know, chair and post thoughts on my blog via cell phone. And what other thought could I have, being where I am, than "lucky me, nobody invented a smelly phone!"

Lucky me? No, lucky you!

Have a great evening, I am done here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The other day I read an article, written by some famous editor in a famous magazine, saying that this XXI'st century is the century of communication. His argument, well, all that new technology, e-mails, internet, WAP, iPhones and them Blackberries, etc. Affordable for almost all of us, and yes, when you look around you see literally everybody walking around talking on a phone, messaging, or twittering, reading mails in the city bus and posting on Facebook while watching videos on Youtube. 

I don't agree with that editor.

The way I see it, this century is the century of technically enhanced isolation. I know, it never has been so easy to find some lost friends and to somehow stay in touch. Me myself found some long lost friends trough the net and I am very happy about that, but, am I really communicating with them? Letting every one of my twitter friends know that "I am on my way to work, stuck in traffic!"or that "I had some bad sushi last night and spent most of it on the toilet" is that communication? Posting some pics on Facebook or videos on Youtube, is that communication? Even writing a blog, well heck no! I am just informing, not communicating. 

The XXI'st century might yes be the century of information, but definitely not, well you know what. I might be a bit old fashion but for me communication has to do with contact, being fisically close to someone and to exchange informations, feelings, emotions, whatever. Being close to someone! Do you remember the last time you really were close to your friends? Not behind some computer screen or trough your cellphone. I mean, sitting next to him or her, smell and feel the closeness, laugh about them old stories, have a beer or a soda and after a while leave, happy to have spent some more time with a friend.

I do miss the 70ties and 80ties and I feel sorry for my little girls that with their young age already know how to work their way through a computer and the internet, but never will live what I lived with my friends, when we met at night, a six-pack under one arm and a video under the other, and we spent the night talking, drinking and watching the same movie over and over again (The Frisco Kid), till sunrise, and then left home with that satisfying feeling of mission accomplished and certain, that I spent some great time with a friend I'll have for lifetime, that I know in person and that only because of this togetherness our bonds will last forever.

I am not against technology or evolution, I am pro human! Why not use this technology to find your friends and call them for some chatting, I mean real chat, no chat rooms in the web. Leave computer an yes, even your cellphone home once in a while and just go, have fun and be human again.

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime a man should do what a man should do.

I heard this one recently and I thought to myself, "what the heck is that, what a man should do?"

This story made me curious and since I had no idea what this was all about, I started research. The first person I asked about was my mom. She is visiting from Germany and staying at my house so it was more a practical decision, than a scientific one. I soon regretted that first step of mine. Of course she didn't give me any satisfactory answer but she surely knew how to use that opportunity to tell me all that I did wrong throughout my life. "I told you not to mary that woman, now she left you for another one!"- yeah, I know... "Your kids have no education, they don't do what I tell them to do! Why did you forgot my birthday (1973)? No son does that to a mother!"... And so on, and on. After 30 minutes of stabbing I took the one second she stopped talking to catch some breath, gave her a kiss and left home in the search for answers.

At the bar around the corner I went for a second try. Only few people, all male, where sitting casually around some tables and at the counter when I walked in. When I saw this I had a great idea! I went to the counter and spoke out loud: "Once in a lifetime a man should do what a man should do!"
The reaction was immediately. "Yes, give it to the bitch!" someone yelled from a corner, "They all deserve it!" came from the opposite side. In less than a second the entire bar was involved in a fears discussion bitching about their wifes, girl friends, women in general and everybody seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. Everyone but me.

So I left the bar and the shouting group of unhappy men, again with no answer to my question. After 15 minutes walking with no particular direction neither a certain destiny, I walked by a church. The bells were calling for a evening sermon and I decided to walk in. At the door the priest welcomed everyone personally, a smile on his face until it was my turn and I greeted him with "Once in a lifetime a man should do what a man should do!" 

"We have a sinner among us looking for forgiveness!" he yelled out loud. Immediately I was surrounded by a group of elderly woman pushing and pulling me around and talking non stop about my sins and that I had to open my heard for Jesus and pay penitention and seek for the Lords forgiveness and I had to become a member of this particular church and, and, and...

Exhausted, my shirt almost ripped apart, I managed to leave just before the exorcist arrived. 

On my way home I walked by a police car standing at the corner of my street. The officer saw me and wondered about my look and asked me if I was all right.
I answered him "Once in a lifetime a man should do what a man should do."

The officer jumped out of his car, his gun in his hand, through me to the ground cuffing me and calling for backup, somehow he did all this at the same time. 

Hours later my interrogatory was over and I was able to explain what happened and that I didn't kill my wife nor my mother or anyone else. I paid a fine, called a cab and went back home.

In the living room both my daughters were sitting on the couch watching their favorite show on TV. When they saw me they jumped up, hug and kissed me and asked me to sit with them and to watch TV. 

And while I sat with them, remembering all the things that had happen to me that day, I looked into their eyes and I knew the answer I was looking for. And I knew that everything I've done in my life so far was right. I knew that I will always have ups and downs but no matter what happened, as long as I keep doing what I do, I will be doing what a man should do.

The more love I give, the more I will receive.