Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Every Body Knows, but Noone Seems to Care!

When you stop to analyze things that are happening around you all day, every day, this - in
case you are privileged to have a brain and know how to use it, you'll realize that we are just fucked up!

Sorry in advance for the not very formal language I'll probably use in this post. Not my style, but I believe the only way to be totally honest about these issues.

We've been lied to basically since mankind. We've been induced to do things we would never agree to, if ... well you know, if we used our brains. Politicians are our elected representants so that we have someone to blame for all the shit that is happening, regardless the fact that it was us that put them into office in the first place. Industries only purpose is to make us produce shit that we don't need so that they can sell us this stuff for money we don't have.

Few live in total wealth, the upper class people that run and control everything while the middle class works its ass of so that the upper class can continue to enjoy their money. And the poor people, well they are just there to scare the middle class people to death so that they continue working like shit, never to become poor!

We live in constant fear, some of us, actually most of us, because the media tells us that we have to. Fear of loosing our jobs, fear of becoming sick, fear of germs, fear of our neighbors, fear of relationships, of sexuality. Fear for our security because some Godless brown people's only thoughts are how to screw us up, and by us I mean the western world or the white people. Religion tells us to fear God! There is just no safe haven for us. Everywhere we look we have to fear something, so that our politicians and the industry can offer us "security"!

Politicians offer us security by cutting our constitutional rights so that they can invade our privacy, to protect us. Industry sells us security in form of goods, weapons, fences, insurance policies (??? you got to be kidding). And talking about rights, what the fuck are our rights other than just some privileges that can be taken away every time it suits someone?

And if it is not enough that other lie to us, no, we lie to our self all day long to! And that is the worst part of all this bull shit.

We know that government is corrupt, that we pay taxes so high and that most of this money goes into someones pocket instead of it's original destination. We know that industry is producing goods that are no longer made to last, that they want us to consume more that we need. We know that banks are the worst because they manipulate us to spent money that we don't have and that doesn't exist and than go and charge us interests for it (so called credit cards are just one way to do so). We know that the world produces more than enough food for all its population and still, millions of us hunger and starve to death!

And what do we do about it? We blame the others or we find excuses why not to do anything at all. I am impressed on how people are smart enough to find or invent excuses for them self, but not smart enough to actually do something to change.

Change! Another fine illusion. Do you really believe in change? Who or what is going to change? Specially if you don't change! How is this going to happen? Some miracle? Magic? God?

You know what I believe? Change is already happening, but the kind of change you won't like. The world is changing, better yet, the planet is changing. And just as it did and does for 4.5 billion years now. Whenever something is out of order, the planet takes care of and changes it. Some call it evolution! Sooner or later the planet will wipe humanity out of its face, regenerate, create new species, maybe smarter that we are, and will go on it's journey around the sun, just as it has been for so long now. All what will be left of us, maybe some plastic.

Oh, by the way, the planet doesn't care if you are rich or not! Upper class will be as dead as the rest of us. No privileges here.

So, since you are not willing to actively do something, you might as well sit back and chill. One  thing is for sure, to worry and or to fear will not help you in any way. Won't change a thing.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today, just a short video I made in 2007. It is the extremely funny part of a not so funny registration to a TV Show in Brazil. Well, see for yourself:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Want to be Free!

Oh I am getting so tired. Every day I read or hear or see or all of them, people complaining,
dieting, writing, filming, justifying (the list goes on and on) about what they, better, we should or not do, eat, drink, think, etc.,etc.,etc.!

Please try to follow me here and let us see if we can just simplify things a little.

Yes, Government and Industry are out there to screw us. This is nothing new and will not change in the near future. Junk food is trash and if we cut our meat consumption just in half we'd safe millions of tons of water and other resources, we would pollute a lot less and we could probably feed all living creature on this planet with no big deal. These are just some of the bigger issues. Let's simplify more.

We, I, you are all looking for a better life. Some how. Never the less we are not happy and if we look around we only see what could be better and what we should do different, specially when we read them specialist reports or see some of these TV programs that tell us that we are doing everything wrong.

And what for?

You know what I think? We listen to much to what other people tell us! We don't think for our self and make our decisions based on what is really good for us or not. If we did, we'd have never ever bought that 500 inch HD 3D HDMI WHATSOEVER TV SET that also makes you coffee in the morning and washes your dishes after dinner. It is worthless, specially because what you see in it is trash to. We don't need the biggest house or the newest and fastest car, the latest smart phone (specially those since they make us look really stupid if we compare), none of this. We need peace of mind and a bit more freedom!

Peace of mind so that I don't judge myself just because I had some chocolate during my latest diet (from witch I know it won't help anyways), or that I smoke or drink or, or, or! It's none of any ones business. As long as I do not affect others with my actions I do whatever I want and what makes me feel good!

Freedom to make my own decisions and to life a life with less charging, more happiness and humanity. Leave the social networks alone for a while and do some social networking "old Style" - on the street, face to face with your friends, people you actually know!!!

Yes, life is not perfect. If I eat to much junk I probably will die a few years sooner (maybe) but at least I will have lived happier. If I don't wear the latest designer clothes less people might be my friends, but the ones that are, at least are real friends. Take yourself and love yourself just the way you are and not the way others want you to be. Be happy with yourself and kind to others by letting them be their self to.

We have an average of 75 years to live, women a little more, so do you really want to spend this time wining and complaining and going for someone or something you are not, or would you rather pursue a life that is simpler and less stressful and happier????

I know what I want, and as long as I don't hurt anybody, I'll be exactly what I am, the way I am and happy as I am. I want to enjoy the few years I still have left. With a smile on my face, sleeping well, not worried about a pound or two that I might be over weight, or whatever! I want to be free!