Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Garbage Kids

Ongoing documentary airing march 2011. For you to sense my latest work in production. I hope you feel as much watching as I felt and still feel doing it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 Days Into New Year...

... and I haven't posted a single word. How would you call it, "Lazy Me" or just "The Unfaithful"? The name I chose was "Busy as Wanted"!

Yes, luckily this new year came with plenty work and that from the very first day on. Just the way I like it. Best of all, it is just stuff I love to do. Right now I am in pre production of a new documentary film. Starting on monday I will be gone for a few days of shooting. Don't tell yet what it is about, but I promise to post a trailer before the end of february.

What else? Negotiating my first feature film mega production. It might happen this year and I am reallllly anxious looking into this. Since this is still in the open, here is something for real. My first book is coming out. Fine art photography of a very wide spread theme: Tarot. 72 images and a textbook explaining how to use them. I promisse, this is one of a kind. Taking orders!

Than there is a new TV show, a web channel, theatre, more documentaries, consulting, social work, and some workshops. No wonder I got divorced and am still by myself. Just glad I have my 2 babies that still love me. No complains here, just noticing.

This first blog of 2011 I'd like to end differently as usual. So I give you guys a little story to read ant to think about. Hope you like it.

Seeya and good reading...

Love for No Reason

Through the train window, she watched the villages and vineyards of the Italian countryside go by. It was 1942 and Sussi Penzias, a young Jewish woman who'd fled Nazi Germany, was traveling alone, hoping to remain unnoticed. Since she'd arrived in Italy three years earlier, she'd been moving from place to place, staying with friends and friends of friends, hiding from the authorities. Now she was on her way to yet another safe house in a new town.

Suddenly, the door at the end of the train car swung open and two police officers came in. Sussi's heart beat wildly. They were wearing the black uniform of the Fascistithe government police. To Sussi's horror, the policemen began making their way down the aisle, stopping at every row to examine the papers of each passenger.

Sussi knew that as soon as the policemen discovered she had no papers, she would be arrested. She was terrified she'd end up in a concentration camp, and would face unimaginable suffering and almost certain death.

The officers were getting closer, just a few rows away. There was no escape. It was only a matter of minutes before they would reach her seat. Sussi began to tremble uncontrollably, and tears slid down her cheeks.

The man sitting next to her noticed her distress and politely asked her why she was crying.

"I'm Jewish and I have no papers," she whispered, hardly able to speak.

To her surprise, a few seconds later the man began shouting at her, "You idiot! I can't believe how stupid you are! What an imbecile!"

The police officers, hearing the commotion, stopped what they were doing and came over. "What's going on here?" one of them asked. Sussi began crying even harder.

The man turned a disgusted face to the policemen and said, "Officers, take this woman away! I have my papers, but my wife has forgotten hers! She always forgets everything. I'm so sick of her. I don't ever want to see her again!"

The officers laughed, shaking their heads at the couple's marital spat, and moved on.

With a selfless act of caring, the stranger on the train had saved Sussi's life. Sussi never saw the man again. She never even knew his name.