Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Like an Eagle

Ever since mankind, mens biggest dream was to fly with the wind, free like an eagle. Leaving all worries behind and go were anyone else has been before. 

This time I only made the shots, next time I'll be flying myself. You bet I will!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Journey

We are on our way to, nobody knows where. The is only one inevitable truth, there will be an end and it is the same for all of us.

If this is true than why is the road we walk so unique, one of a kind? I have no clue. 

What I know is, that many other roads cross mine, and that some roads stay parallel to mine for a while, but then turn into another direction. Some times we might get confused and think, and feel as if the road becomes one, but no, it is and will be always someone else's road close to yours, close to mine. For a brief moment or for a longer one.  And no matter what I do, there is nothing I can change about it.

Wrong! I do can change something. I can change the way I feel every time one of these roads turn away from mine. I can change my feelings by knowing that this is just the way it is supposed to be. And that the time close, was the time I needed to learn and to grow and that I received all blessings I needed and at the same time, gave all the blessings I had to give. And that a new road will be waiting ahead to join my direction for even more growth and exchange of blessings. And that I can be happy, because at the end, all roads come together and meet at just the same place. And I will remember all the great moments I had on my journey and I will know how great it was to travel that road.

So far my journey was rich. And although I learned how things work and how life is, there is one thing I still don't manage right. Every time one road turns away from mine, my heart bursts in pain. And there is nothing I can do about it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Qui habet aures audiendi audiat!

For the ones that may not know, the title is in latin and it means something like: If you have ears to listen, than listen! Yeah, like that.
I just spent more than 14 hours in a theatre to guarantee that our presentation happens with no bigger issues. And it did. We did a good job, amused a couple dozens people, made new friends, got to know a great little town with beautiful people and... I am exhausted. 
What all this has to do with "listening"? 
Well, nothing. 
Just wanted to leave a message and say, listen more to your inner self, believe in you and the possibilities that life offers you, do whatever you do with passion and you will be a happy person.

Have a good nite!

Friday, August 27, 2010

To have a blog means that you have to maintain a blog

I think I have it figured out. The real deal about this blogging stuff is, that you actually blog.  So I have to show up here once in a while and give my best putting in words whatever goes trough my mind at this time. OK. But, what if, there is nothing going trough my mind? This is very tricky stuff here!
Luckily today I do have something to say. I believe. Right now I am at 10.000 feet above ground, sitting in an airplane on my way to some town south in Brazil I never in my live heard from before. It is called Toledo and you find it in the state of Parana. What brought me here? I’ll be on stage performing in a peace, together with my friends Raul Gazolla and Alex Rech.
Am I an actor? No! I am the producer of the peace, but since the “real” cast isn’t available they make me stand in. I did it already twice and both times we were close to disaster. Not because of me, I believe I came out just fine, but my dear friend Raul, the star of the peace, got so nervous about me screwing up, he almost suffered a heart attack. The picture shows me on stage with him on the last occasion of me standing in.
I started liking that “being on stage” think. The only reason I don’t do it more frequently is, because I am seriously concerned about the health of my friend. After all, he is in his fifties and I don’t want to be responsible for any, eh, damage.
Changing subjects, did you air travel recently? No! Well than pay attention to this one: you have to pay for your food and beverages now! Yes! I mean, no. I know somehow you always paid for it, but in the past you paid for in the price of your ticket. Now, you pay for the ticket and extra if you dare to eat something! How things change. In my younger days we were served on porcelain dishes, had real forks and knifes, not them plastic ones, and we were served real food. Up until a few months ago they served chocolate bars and now they want you to pay even for the peanuts. I am looking forward to live the day when the airlines remove the seats and we will all travel standing up, squeezed one to each other just like in the city buses. This is, were evolution takes us. Poor Darving.
About to go down now. Not sure if this is the right choice of words being were I am now, but anyway.


Monday, August 23, 2010

So why not me.

Right! Everybody has a blog nowadays, or a vlog or a whatever-log! So, why not me? And so I decided to create one and to brabble about them things that go trough my mind on an "all the time basis". Basically I am doing this because I cannot afford a shrink, or at least I won't pay anybody just for listening to me.

Since I am not telling anyone about this, I believe that it will be a very intimate and kind of strange way to talk to myself. Just in case you, yes, you that are reading this right now, well if you are not me, please reconsider staying and reading my thoughts! They may not be appropriate for your eyes. No complaining afterwards - I'm telling you!

Oh, well yes! I decided to write in english for no particular reason, other than making sure that as many people as possible are capable to read and understand what I say, just in case they happen to cross this way. I know, but I assure you that it is not crazy. I do not want to publish this, but since you are here, I'd like you at least to understand, and then you will know why I don't want to publish. got it!?

So, this is it. I did it. First step done. Now I will take a shower and go to bed.
Good nite!