Monday, August 23, 2010

So why not me.

Right! Everybody has a blog nowadays, or a vlog or a whatever-log! So, why not me? And so I decided to create one and to brabble about them things that go trough my mind on an "all the time basis". Basically I am doing this because I cannot afford a shrink, or at least I won't pay anybody just for listening to me.

Since I am not telling anyone about this, I believe that it will be a very intimate and kind of strange way to talk to myself. Just in case you, yes, you that are reading this right now, well if you are not me, please reconsider staying and reading my thoughts! They may not be appropriate for your eyes. No complaining afterwards - I'm telling you!

Oh, well yes! I decided to write in english for no particular reason, other than making sure that as many people as possible are capable to read and understand what I say, just in case they happen to cross this way. I know, but I assure you that it is not crazy. I do not want to publish this, but since you are here, I'd like you at least to understand, and then you will know why I don't want to publish. got it!?

So, this is it. I did it. First step done. Now I will take a shower and go to bed.
Good nite!

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