Saturday, September 18, 2010

When the Rule becomes the Exception

The past few days I spent doing something I always thought to be normal. I helped a friend. 

No big deal actually, just some paintwork so that he could return a rented apartment in time not to pay an extra month, and, so that he could save some money he'd had to pay for a hired painter. 

The od thing about this story is not my action as painter, I believe I did a fairly good job. It is the fact that this friend of mine, felt as he had to thank me for what I was doing, all the time. I wasn't even done yet and he started thanking me and expressing gratitude and worst to come, he stated over and over again, that he now owed me. Owed me what and for what?!

I grew up believing that helping others, specially the ones that are close to you, was and is part of being human. I mean, even animals do help each other. And by help I mean that kind of help that you do without expecting anything back. Just being a friend. How come that this friend of mine feels as he owed me for my action? Has the world changed so much that common things became seldom, and I missed these changes somehow. Did I sleep for the past decades? 

My intentions were pure and simple, I had some spare time, liked the idea of doing some handy work, a friend needed help and I could provide. So I did. Now that I finished, my body aches (and I am sure tomorrow I will feel every single muscle), I am very tired but instead of feeling happy about the work done, I have now a friend that believes that he owes me... what he doesn't!

This makes me very sad.

Next time someone needs help and I happen to be able to provide, I will. Couse I want the world to be a place where people care for each other, and I want to be a model for my children by living what I believe is right and teaching them with my actions and not only with words. And maybe someone sees me doing so, and likes it, and does it to, and than someone sees him doing so, and likes it, and follows ... ... ... ... ...

If you want to change the world, start with the man in the mirror!

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