Thursday, September 23, 2010


Every 2 years, at least here in Brazil, people are called to its civil duty. We are called to vote for our representation in government.

Supposedly we are the second largest, biggest, fakest, whatever democracy in the world. And in plenty twenty first century, in that so-called democracy, the act of voting is obligatory. So the real choice we have is actually not if we vote or not, it is who of them scumbags we give authorization to screw us for at least 4 years.

I might sound a little bitter here, but honestly, read the books and papers! For the past 500 years (here in Brazil) there has been mainly stealing, lying, torturing, killing, some more lying and stealing and even more killing among our leaders. The ones we voted into office because they promised us to work in our interests – in the interest of the people.

And we do it again and again. And we will do it in the future as well. Why? Because the ones that get the message and don’t want to become part of this big conspiracy business, leave. Leave the country in pursuit of happiness, elsewhere. 

The ones that stay, believing that change might happen, or simply for the love they feel for their home, become minority. Minority of educated people in a humongous country, where most of its inhabitants barely read or write their names – but all vote, it’s mandatory. Government even lowered age to make more people eligible to vote. A country in which the majority of simple and honest people don’t understand what the government is doing to them and are happy as long as they maintain their humble way of life in some dignity, hoping for change some day and believing that this time, politician will keep their promises and work for good.

And as long education is minority, as long majority believes and lacks of ambition simply because they don’t know better, as long as the big ones want to become bigger and bigger and couldn’t care less about the rest, things won’t change.

But there is still hope.

There is hope because these big and smart ones ain’t so smart after all. They make mistakes. Since they are so occupied becoming richer and richer, sometimes they miss some important issue. And one very big issue they missed for sure and it might break some neck.

When they made internet available for all, thinking about selling computers and software and making billions of dollars with communication, they forgot that with communication comes information!  And people communicate well. And people started to wake up. And people are exchanging information and nothing can be hidden from the masses anymore. And people started messing up them big ones plans. And they desperately try to fix it by monopolizing services and buying all the networks people created and try to control again the information people get.

But it’s to late!

And history teaches us, it needs only a hand full of illusionists, a hand full of dreamer willing and ready for change, and the crowd might see it, and like it, and go for it.

And for the first time in mankind’s history, people might choose right and get together as one and realize that everything is connected and that we can’t do harm to somebody without doing harm to ourselves and that when we do god to other we do so to us.

I have a dream and in my dream people keep the promises they make, people treat each other with kindness and respect, people work together and take care of each other. And no, I am no socialist. I just want this world to be what it supposed to be, Heaven on Earth.

It won’t happen today, neither tomorrow. But today, right now, is a good day to start changing.

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