Saturday, October 2, 2010

And History Continues

"I am horny!" was quite an experience. Believe me, when I got back home I was a wiser kid. The lesson I learned, you better study hard and right, never to live such an experience again - in other words: be prepared for all that may come! 

So I did. Soon after, we moved again. Barcelona, Spain, was our destination. New school, new friends, new adventures. I got my first motorbike, a Montesa. Moto-cross was my new hobby. Every day after school, sometimes before and few times during school hours you could find me at the cross range. Just loved it.

It was in Barcelona that I got deeper into that "other sex" stuff. I discovered what exactly the difference between boys and girls was and, ... I loved it. 
Another discovery was beer! Never thought that having a few, couple, plenty of beers could be so ... funny. So whenever we could, we skipped class and hang out in the nearest "bodega" playing flipper and having a few beers. 

These good times lasted for 2 years, when we moved again. This time back to Germany. I have to say that after all, we were a funny, light, life loving group of teenager and very innocent. We did our share of "shit" but no one ever got hurt except for one time when one of us looked a bit to deep into the bottle and ended up in the nearest hospital to have her stomach pumped empty. Well, as I said, shit happens!

(On the pictures: Isabel Reyes - I had a crusch on her but she didn't knew - in Ibiza and 
Meike Yessen & viola Schmidt in our classroom in Barcelona)

Back in Germany, almost a grown up,  my life changed a little. I finished school, joined the federal police, during that time I went to college and started a photography career that would definitely make a huge change in everything. But before photography took over, I went trough a few other experiences still looking to find my way, and to find me.

(Believe it or not, it is me there, third from left on my knee)

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