Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just spoke to a friend of mine, I haven't spoken to for a while. He was pretty sad. He lost his girlfriend of just 20 years of age and a few days later his grandfather. Tough isn't it? After I gave him my condolences we chatted a little. During our conversation I remembered when my dad passed away - I was with him at the moment -, I remembered friends I lost over the years, and than it hit me, ... again.

What is the deal with us suffering so much, every time someone we care about passes? I don't get it.

Christian or not, unless you are an atheist, everybody in every religion somehow believes that we, after we leave this life, somehow will wake up in paradise, or any place paradise like. We won't suffer of any pain, will never hunger again or feel cold. Never be sick and live happy ever after. We even will re-encounter all our loved ones that left before us. So, if this is the case, shouldn't we be happy?

Shouldn't we celebrate that another one of us made it and left behind this ... place, closer to hell than anything I know. Full of hatred, wars, suffering, problems, sickness and diseases, politicians, ... ... lawyers ... Shouldn't we be happy for our loved one being in paradise now? So what is all this wining about? 

Are we in reality angry because he or she made it and that we are still here and have to clean up the mess and keep living in chaos? Do we envy the ones that left? Would we rather change place? No. no. no, some of you might say, we cry because we miss our friends and family. We miss being close and talking with them and having a good time or just being there or to have someone to borrow money from.

But, if this paradise story is for real, wouldn't we be a little selfish not to be happy for them and to wish them back here with us? Shouldn't we get drunk and be happy and look forward to get our job done and to join them in paradise? 

Unless we are not sure about paradise and the reunion, or we don't believe any of that. Than, yes, in that case I'd be sad to and would cry the lost of a loved one, knowing that I never would see him or her again and that every word unspoken, would stay that way. And every moment missed and chance to say how much I cared was inevitable gone. 

Since I don't know, I will use this opportunity to say all of you how much I care, and I am happy to have you as my friend and even when we not see us every day, in my heart, I keep the memories of the time we spent together warm, and I want you to know how important you are for me and even though we might meet again, I will miss you.

Franz Ziehe                             Alex Neves
See you in heaven!

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