Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi s tory

People often ask me who I am. "Well", I use to answer, "as soon I figure that out I let you know!" So I decided to go deep into my memories, write them down and see if I get an answer.

I was born last of three childs, in an upper middle class home in Rio de Janeiro. And when I say last I mean dead last. My sister is 10 years older and my bro 6, so imagine how that was. My dad was a diplomat for the german Government and my mom a housewife. 

One thing my parents really liked was moving. Every other year we changed address and every 4 years we went even further. We changed countries. Than there were the holidays, birthdays, regular and indispensable visits of some relatives and many other reasons I don't recall, for us to travel. So most of the time I lived out of bags in some hotel room. Imagine how frustrating it is for a young person to boarder a plane and the entire crew knows you by name. You go "Hello Captain Auschel!" and he answers "Oh, no, not him again!"

In my teens life became more complicated. I discovered that there was another sex! Yo, that was something. So immediately I fell in love with my female classmates, schoolmates, neighbor daughters, almost anybody that used a skirt. Oh and at that times all the girls used skirts. Somehow though, I was doing something wrong. I was deeply in passion, crazy for some kissing, but the girls saw me more like an older brother, good friend, to good to screw around with...


Well, I got my share of kissing, saw my first pair of bare boobs, touched some.... wow... and had many, not so glamorous experiences, one of witch I need to tell here.

Sometimes I went with my dad on some "business trip". On one occasion we flew to LA. He had some diplomat stuff to do and I was left with the teenage kids of his boss. I was invited to a high school party on a friday night and I was really exited about that. Had seen so many of them in the movies. 

Please remember this happened like in 1978, so different times, I just started to learn english, things in general were different.

So, we went to that party and everything was just the way I expected it to be. Music, sodas, some beer nobody should know about, girls. Girls! In special that one blond that was looking at me all the time and I couldn't resist and looked to. 
It went like this for... an eternity. My friend laughing at me and I, with no idea on what to do. But I didn't need to do anything. That gorgeous blonde came towards me, smiling, looking directly into my scared eyes... 

"Hi!"she said... ... ... ... ... I was supposed to say something but somehow my mouth was shut and wouldn't open... ... .. "Hi, I am horny!!!!"... ... ...
"Hi, I am Robert...!"

After I recovered from the slap in my face, I saw the entire party gang crying from laughter, all looking at me on the ground and the gorgeous in rage over me yelling a bunch of stuff I didn't understood. 

Hmm, now that I remember, after that, I never dated a blond again. This stuff works! An interesting way to find out who you are.

By the way, the story is true.

Love you all !!!! Soon more to come.

Those were the days! The one in the middle with them black hair 
(yes I had some) is me

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