Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The other day I read an article, written by some famous editor in a famous magazine, saying that this XXI'st century is the century of communication. His argument, well, all that new technology, e-mails, internet, WAP, iPhones and them Blackberries, etc. Affordable for almost all of us, and yes, when you look around you see literally everybody walking around talking on a phone, messaging, or twittering, reading mails in the city bus and posting on Facebook while watching videos on Youtube. 

I don't agree with that editor.

The way I see it, this century is the century of technically enhanced isolation. I know, it never has been so easy to find some lost friends and to somehow stay in touch. Me myself found some long lost friends trough the net and I am very happy about that, but, am I really communicating with them? Letting every one of my twitter friends know that "I am on my way to work, stuck in traffic!"or that "I had some bad sushi last night and spent most of it on the toilet" is that communication? Posting some pics on Facebook or videos on Youtube, is that communication? Even writing a blog, well heck no! I am just informing, not communicating. 

The XXI'st century might yes be the century of information, but definitely not, well you know what. I might be a bit old fashion but for me communication has to do with contact, being fisically close to someone and to exchange informations, feelings, emotions, whatever. Being close to someone! Do you remember the last time you really were close to your friends? Not behind some computer screen or trough your cellphone. I mean, sitting next to him or her, smell and feel the closeness, laugh about them old stories, have a beer or a soda and after a while leave, happy to have spent some more time with a friend.

I do miss the 70ties and 80ties and I feel sorry for my little girls that with their young age already know how to work their way through a computer and the internet, but never will live what I lived with my friends, when we met at night, a six-pack under one arm and a video under the other, and we spent the night talking, drinking and watching the same movie over and over again (The Frisco Kid), till sunrise, and then left home with that satisfying feeling of mission accomplished and certain, that I spent some great time with a friend I'll have for lifetime, that I know in person and that only because of this togetherness our bonds will last forever.

I am not against technology or evolution, I am pro human! Why not use this technology to find your friends and call them for some chatting, I mean real chat, no chat rooms in the web. Leave computer an yes, even your cellphone home once in a while and just go, have fun and be human again.

Good luck!

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