Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Meeting the Horses

I am 51 years old, love animals but the closest I came to a horse was to barely pet its nose. Never ever I had the idea to mount and ride one, I mean, have you seen horses? They are like 900 pounds of pure muscles ready to kick you in the bottom whenever you blink an eye. Come on ... ... ...

Well, but my girls want to ride them, already did a few times, on a leash, now they want to learn it for real, and that is why we are here - and I have to do it to!

So hello Dolca, Pimpo and Flamenco, these are the horses names, nice to meet you and please don't kill me!

Initially me and the kids were a little shy managing this situation, me specially, but very soon we (I) realised that these fellows actually aren't that bad and with a little dedication we could become real friends. Jennifer and Jessica couldn't be happier, they love every second they can spent among them horses and specially on top of them. Since they already had some experience it was easier and faster for them to get it going, but after a little theory it was my turn to ride ... ... ...

I heard many stories about people in near death situations having flashbacks of their life's, you might have to, well, now I know what they are talking about. You know, when you are standing at a cliff, about to jump, than realize that you have no shute ... or you are driving your car and suddenly see this huge truck coming in your direction and you remember that you forgot to buckle up ...
None of this compares to what I felt standing next to Dolca, a very sweet but huge horse, and about to mount it! But I did!

And what I felt next I haven't found a way yet to describe it with words ... ...

I died! I died because I felt I was in heaven, I felt peace, I felt strong, confident, at ease, I felt happy. Nothing I ever felt before, at least not all together and at the same time. 

Oh, I felt stupid to! What the heck was I thinking before! 

I don't know if you ever rode a horse, but if you want to feel close to nature, close to heaven, close to everything that is good for you, do it!

Just do it!

By the way, I am posting pictures of all this in my facebook page, in case you are interested, check for the album called: FĂ©rias na Argentina. Right now you will find pictures of our trip coming here. The horse pictures come soon!


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