Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Day on the Moove

Like any other vacation, as far as I remember, ours started full of expectations. We had to be around 9AM at the airport so I decided we could leave the house around 7:30 and we'd have plenty of time to get there. 

At 6:20 AM everybody (but me) was ready pushing me to get out and going. 

We left at 7:27! No way I'd start vacation in a hurry.

At the airport everything went smoothly. Check in was fast so we had enough time to shop around and have a seccond breakfast, unfortunately I forgot to tell my babies that everything at the airport was tripple the price so they ordered as usual and I went almost broke even before vacation actually started.

3 and 1/2 hours later we stepped on argentinian soil at Buenos Aires international airport Ezeisa. Now we had to get our stuff becouse we had a connection to catch at Aeroparque airport witch is located downtown Buenos Aires, about 1 hr ride from where we were. No big issue since we had about three hours time. The only thing I needed to do was exchange some money, grab a cab and get there ... Easier said than done. At Ezeisa there is only one bank that would exchange money and the line was huge!

But, life is good to me. It took only a little over an hour for me and the kids in line to get to our turn and ... ... I am already bald. If not I would have lost all my hair.

The cab ride was  smooth though very expensive, of course, we got there in time even to have some pizza. I cannot imagine why for Christ's sake I would toss everything of the table and break a salt container the moment I touched the menu, but, well, you get the picture.

Another 2hr flight and we got to Salta where my good friend Marc picked us up at the airport. The rest was just fun and happiness. Yes, we had a good trip.

Next post I will tell you how our first day with the horses was!

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