Saturday, January 25, 2014

And While it Rains Outside ...

This is what I call rain!

So we went bowling.

Made some BBQ

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And enjoyed our new friends!

It wouldn't be a real vacation if there wasn't a sudden change of plans. So what supposed to be one more day of horse bussines turned out to become a day of pure ralaxation, a BBQ, new friends, a bottle of wine - or two, can't remember - and a very good night sleep.

Why all that? Well, it started to rain! Pooring rain at first and a constant pain in the bottox rain since.

I am not shure, but somehow I believe that our horses have something to do with this unexpected wheather change. That look in Dolcas eyes the last time I rode on her, than her exchanging sounds with Pipo while looking at us and nodding heads ... ... noooo, that can't be! Or can it?

Well, since our plan B isn't that bad eather we took this opportunity to just relax a little and enjoy life on a different level.

It is supposed to stop raining this afternoon. If so, we'll be back on horses soon. Our big ride out, well, we do it tomorrow. Still have 8 more days to go.

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