Thursday, December 2, 2010


I’ve been a little lazy lately. Didn’t show up here to update my blog. But, as a matter of facts, I didn’t came because of this laziness, but actually because I’ve been quite busy doing other stuff.

The end of the year is always like this. At least for me. I pass revue on all what happened to me the past months, prepare for the holydays and many birthdays, my oldest made 9 in November, I’m due in December and the younger one is celebrating her 7th in January. And this year seems to be special because I have already my agenda for the next months pretty full. At this very moment I am sitting in an airplane on my way to Boa Vista, Roraima, at the very north of Brazil, border to Venezuela. On tour again with my friend Raul Gazolla. We’ll have 3 presentations this weekend and getting back on Monday to catch a jet again on Thursday, this time heading south to Socorro – somewhere close to São Paulo.

X-Mass knocking at the door and right after, I will take my kids for a long vacation to the northeastern beaches of Jõao Pessoa. 3 weeks for the first time in years! I actually wanted to take this vacation in Europe, but because of my divorce I can’t take the kids overseas, yet. To sad but tha’s the way it is…

I am looking anxiously forward to that New Year. So many good things happened to me and I am involved in some great projects. But best of all, with all the new work I still will have time to dedicate to my babies (yeah I know, they are no longer babies, but for me they will be – forever). Quality time with the kids, nothing better than that, for a single dad. Hmm, can I call me single dad or should I say divorced dad? Anyway, year ending great and the next one staring even better. I sure am a lucky person.

All the best for you guys, thank you all for listening (reading) all my crap and not getting to bored and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you all have a great holyday season and an exceptional magnificent year of 2011.


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