Thursday, November 18, 2010


Why do people trend to just complicate their life's? It appears that nobody likes it easy. And I am not saying "the easy way" or so. I say, look around and become aware that your life is good! See how fortunate you are and as long you have health you can consider yourself a very lucky person. 

I can almost hear people say: "Shut up! You know nothing about me! How can u say my life is good?! Idiot!!!" Maybe not as harsh, but surely pretty close to that.

But I can say. I know more about you than you realize. I know for instance that you had proper education, you can read! I know that you have access to modern communication and to a computer. You probably live in an apartment or a house in some city and you have a TV set, a refrigerator, a car, a phone, ... a job. You have ... and because of that you are part of an elite group. You are part of the 2% of Earth's inhabitants that actually have access to all these things I just mentioned. Yes, only 2% of us have all this. And the funny part is, I start believing that these 2% are the ones that most complain.

Why can't we just sit back and enjoy what we have, maybe even share a little with someone not as fortunate as we are. Wouldn't it be good once in a while to look in the mirror and to be proud of ourselves? To say yes instead of no, to say I have time and I am just fine and not sorry, I am in a hurry

You know what I found out that gives me a humangus pleasure? To listen! Yes, listen to your friends and listen to your family. Listen what a stranger has to say with no prejudice and no opinion. We don't have to have an opinion all the time. We can just listen once in a while, and learn from others. 

And some times we can take life just a little easier, go against all trends an be happy with us and our achievements. Slow down a bit so that we can actually see again what surrounds us. We can stop and take a look at the mirror and see us again. And if you realize that your life isn't that bad at all, you can become a happier person. Than you can share this happiness with others and we can all become happier. 

Or maybe I should just shut up and leave all alone in that crazy race in pursuit of happiness, a happiness we all already have but just can't see. 

Don't know.  What I know? Tomorrow I will pick up my babies again and I will sit with them and play with their Barbies and read stories and just be a dad, no producer, no photographer, no filmmaker, no ... just a dad. And I will be happy doing so.

By the way, my youngest one just lost a tooth. She pulled it herself and I was sitting next to her and I was a very proud dad and I was very happy that I did not miss this special moment. A moment that never comes back and if I had been busy and not taken the time to be with my children, I'd have missed it. Forever ....

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