Tuesday, November 2, 2010


When do you know that this is the one? Oh … , sure, I mean … the right person, the chosen one, the soul mate (at least for this moment), name it the way it suits you best.

Every day we meet people. We are surrounded by them … people, strangers. Among them, a special one. Someone you’ve never seen before. Somehow you make acquaintance and before you know, it hits you.

My parents, and I believe every one else’s parents to, told me as a kid not to talk to strangers. I am glad I didn’t listen otherwise I’d probably be the loneliest person in the world. For Christ’s sake, everyone is a stranger unless we talk and get to know them. Not to believe everything a stranger says and not to go with someone we don’t know, ok. But never to talk to someone … come on.

If I hadn’t spoken to that woman, I didn’t knew, I wouldn’t had married her, didn’t have my 2 babies, hmmm, wouldn’t be divorced now … (should I have listened to my parents???) … anyway, this is not what I want to talk about. The thing is, when do we know that we actually met the special person among all these strangers?

I never knew. But thinking on how it was I remember one thing that always happened to me, I had a vision.

I basically fall in love every single day. Most of the times, several times a day. I see beautiful people and I fall in love. I have a great conversation, I fall in love. I see nature doing it’s wonders, I fall in love. Even when I get a good meal, … yeah, you know! But sometimes it is different.

The first time I saw my wife (I know, ex-wife now!!), I was a jury member in a beauty contest and she worked with the producer of the event. I saw her stepping out a door about 20 meters away, cross the room crowded with people, some papers in her hand and disappearing on the other side. It took less than a minute but in my perception it took forever. And while I was watching her I had a vision. A vision of us in some backyard, 2 kids, a dog and harmony. And I felt good.

This night I didn’t stay for my jury duties. I had to leave early and I left a message for another jury member and I left this message with her. While I was leaving I saw her standing at a corner and I asked her to give my message to that person, and I left. Nothing happened.

A few days later I went to a shooting, a commercial for a hair stylist. There she was again. I did not recognize her as the one from the beauty contest but for some reason I couldn’t stop looking at her. We talked, talked, exchanged phones, talked some more, had dinner, … the rest you know.

We never got the dog!

And I wonder, does this happen just to me? How does it happen with others? Will it happen again?

I know it is special, I know it happens every day everywhere. Strangers become friends, friends become couples, couples become family. The wonders of life. And next time someone tells you not to talk to strangers, do not listen! Talk to as many strangers possible, get to know them, become friends. And love. Who knows we make this world a better place when we get to know all these strangers we live side by side with every day! But if you meet someone and for no reason you have a vision, be aware, this might be the one special one waiting for you. Don’t be afraid. Go for it! It doesn’t matter for how long it lasts, just don’t miss that special chance to find love, to find happiness.

Hey! Let me get to know you better! Why don’t you tell me how you found your special love? Write it to me, down in the comments. Share with me. Feel free to share with me your stories. I’d love to read them.

Take care …

november 2005

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