Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don't get it

Sometimes I think, life's chosen me to fool around with, at least for the moment. My turn to be the clown, to look into the mirror and to laugh about myself, couse this is the only way I see, that I will handle all that is happening.

The newest joke: my ex invited my mom to have some beers tonight! And she went.

Wouldn't be such a big deal if there wasn't the fact, that they both - lets say, doesn't "love" each other enough to hang around with. Actually they bitch about one another - behind their backs, ... sure. 

I am willing to believe that people change, and sometimes for better. And I really want to believe that this approach might be some kind of "lets try to be friends now and forget about the past". After all, there are the children and even separate, somehow we will stay together by that bond, forever. But honestly, my heart wants to believe that this is all for good, just the head says "open your eyes, there is heavy artillery coming!"

Despicable me to have such un-pure thoughts, but hey! I know them and I've never seen them getting along for real as long as I was married. And since I am a very gifted person, I have a very flowered fantasy, well this fantasy doesn't see any good coming towards me. Worst, I am afraid to imagine these two women bonding because if this happens, I will be screwed!

Sure, I might be a little paranoid, but after the one my mom played to me last week, I am sure you will give me right. After almost 6 months staying at my place, she finally (and don't get this wrong, I love my mother, the most when she is at her place) decided to go back to her home and just before I went to buy her ticket she said no, she changed her mind and she wanted to stay throughout the european winter and only go back to Germany in spring. 
And now this...

But you know what, I trust nature! And in nature ex-wifes and mothers don't come along. Specially not the ones that never did. After all, God can't be that mad at me, I am his son! And, ... I believe in miracles! And miracles are always for good. So, if that miracle happens and my mother and my ex-wife become friends, than I am the luckiest person in the world and have nothing to fear. Nothing at all!

Before I go, I'll let you guys have a glimpse on the lovely couple. A picture from a time where they almost liked each other. Look, aren't they cute?

Love you, bye!

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