Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The End of Times


If you follow the news, well than we already passed the end. ISIS killing Christians, americans killing muslims and vice versa. Rich killing poor and poor ... yes, we know.

Than there is nature. As it was not enough that men are killing men, no, nature kills us to! Hurricanes, floods, volcanos, quakes and who knows what else. 

Oh, don't we forget, disease! Them old ones like cancer and AIDS, and some new stuff that is coming up. Yes, and, of course we have the meteors! Expected to fry us by the end of this year.

Sometimes I think that mankind deserves to be wiped out of the face of this planet. What did we actually do for good? Since the beginning it was all about conquest and get more than the other, and to dominate and to kill whatever and who ever was in our way. Not the nicest way to take care of what was given to us, by God maybe, or evolution! Or some aliens!

Looking back, many lessons to lern but no one really cares. Business as usual! The few that are trying to make a difference, I hope that it is them that will survive. And than start over again, doing the right thing!

Anyways, I am not on self destruction mode. No! I want to see what comes next and how we handle it! 

Who will win?

Honestly, I think the planet will!

Best of luck folks!

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