Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More than enough!

We do have more than enough, so that every single human being could live a decent and healthy life. The problem is, that there are few humans that just can't get enough and decided that they need to accumulate as much as possible to be happy. But with this comes a second problem, they never reach that point and so, never will be happy!

I am definitely not talking socialism or any other political nonsense stuff. I am talking nature. Nature gives us everything we need in abundance, we just have to remember how to use it properly.

But than again, as long as we are not satisfied taking just what we need, there will be fights about, well everything. All this to gain "power"! Power over what? What is this power? What does it do? Who created this stupid concept and who decides about it?

The US President is the most powerful man in the World! Have you ever heard this? Well, ask Bill Clinton how powerful he felt when he got impeach about screwing Monica Lewinsky! Or Gaddafi minutes before he was hung! 

The thing is, power is just another illusion created by few and sold to us as truth, and most decided to believe in it, and so it became what it was sold for. Get it? If you look into it, there is nothing! But as long as you believe in what you are told, well, than so be it.

But, just in case you decide one day to think for yourself, to look at stuff from the distance and to question what you are told, oh boy ...

As I said, there is more than enough for all of us!

Have a nice day!

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