Friday, May 6, 2016


Once in a while we need to change to give us the chance to grow. It is scary but necessary. You spend many nights awaken thinking of what to do, and how and when, but once you decide and take action, things start to move. Immediately, as if the entire Universe just was waiting for you to begin so that it can proceed and move everything in place for that change to happen. 

The past 16 years I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I had very good times, and very bad as well. I got married, had 2 gorgeous little girls, got divorced. I build a company, made success, came close to bankruptcy, got back on my feet. For the past two years I made good money, got my family back together, received the recognition I deserved for my work.  

But than, things started not to feel right anymore. People around me changed. economy is close to collapse, the country changed. I got stuck. Nowhere to go from here, no way for me or my business to grow. Either I accepted that and continued life in relative comfort, or, well, I need to change.

We talked, we made tests, we studied options, we decided. The family decided. We are moving. We are leaving Brazil. 

No, I am not leaving every thing behind, of course. I will not throw away 16 years of work done. So what to do? 

I didn't had to think for to long, as soon as we decided Universe began action! 

I was invited to and bought a retail business. One I could manage from wherever I was. I searched and I found the right partner to take on my business. This partnership gave me 40% of another business. Now owner of one and partner of two companies, all this in less than 2 months, all this just because we decided to go! And as if guided by some magic hand, offers coming in on a daily basis. Projects that where stuck rising up again with solutions I did not have before. 

I understood. Sometimes we have to let go. We need to change. We need to listen to our feelings. If it doesn't feel right it isn't right. Look for and find alternatives. And than make it happen! 

There is no way back, I will take all this with me to my new home. The closer I get to the day we set for us to leave, he better I feel. It feels right again. Imagine how it will be as soon we get there! 

And the best, even though I have more responsibilities with the new companies, I will have more time. Time to do the things I wanted to do for so long and never could. I will have more time for family, for arts, for pleasure, for me.

Sometimes we need to let go, we need to change!

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