Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Paradox of Water and The Insanity of Mankind

Why are people willing to pay for something that they can have for free? Well, almost for free. And worst, most of the time they pay for worse quality while the free stuff is better!

What am I talking about? Water!

Check out the graph

And this is just one example of human insanity. We are all complaining and scared to death about the worlds evolution, simpler, about our future, but we don't realize that it is us that are creating this horror story! 


Stop listening to media and politics and stop this ridiculous consume oriented behavior and open your eyes and get real about what you really need! I guarantee you, it is not the 50" HD 3D super flat TV-Set you saw at the mall!

DO NOT believe everything you see and read and what Government and media tells you! They don't give a shit about you! They just want to keep you working your ass of to pay taxes and to buy the shit they tell you that you need, so that they can keep earning more and more while you work more and more to maintain this craziness!

No, I am not bitter, just tired to hear everybody complaign but noone mooving a finger to change anything. You want change, move your ass an do something! You don't want to do that, stop whyning! If you believe you can't change anything you might aswell sit back and relax and watch this freakshow and enjoy it!

Have a nice day!

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