Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New World Order

Yeah, right.

As long as I can remember I've seen so called science fiction movies showing us a future
world with only one world government. I've seen movies were robots are almost humans, in one (Bicentennial Man) in fact, it (the robot - Robin Williams), at the end, is declared human by this one world government. And than, I hear all these conspiracy theories about a group of people manipulating all and everything to achieve this goal: The New World Order.

Science fiction, conspiracy theory my ass!

If you read (or watch) the news with just a bit attention, if you research a little into the past and compare news from than with evolution, for instance in technology, politics, medicine and science, if you compare with today's news and how the world is developing, well than you can come only to one conclusion:

we have been and are still being systematically prepared for things to come, so that when it comes we won't hesitate to accept these new circumstances and we give in, just the way it has been planed.

The thought of a One World Government were people (humans) are finally treated equally, were resources are used for the good of all, were we as a race take care of each other and were we live free and in peace - is cute. Naive though.

Come on, humans are ambitious, notorious liers, jealous, greedy, the only species on Earth known that kills other from its own and from other species just for fun, or for profit. We were given precious gifts called intelligence, thoughts, emotions, memory, vision and what we use it for, to conquer, steal, betrail, murder, to gain "power" over other, to profit! How can a species like this ever live in peace and harmony? What has to happen for this to become reality?

I'd love to see a brighter future for humanity, specially since I have to little girls that have their lives still in front of them, but you know what, I will continue hoping and I will try to do my best to make it happen, but I also will prepare these girls and teach them to be sceptical, curious, aware, smart and strong, for I will not allow for them to become no ones puppets!

Do good, be kind, spread love but keep your eyes open! Do not trust what you hear or read nore what you see! Question everything and above all, THINK! Use your brains for what it is intended to. Have an opinion based on what you research and not based on what other tell you. And help other see!

In case you wonder, no, I am no lunatic, haven't been recently through any trauma, the only thing I changed, I threw my TV in the garbage and I read no more newspaper. I select what I read and what I watch - it is so easy now since internet - and I question! I question everything. Not because of fear, no, because I am curious and I want to know what really is behind all this crazy nonsense around me.

Last but not least. As soon you stop watching TV and reading newspaper and magazines you realize in what a wonderful world we actually live and that this place is really worth fighting for. That people are mostly friendly and that we all are looking for the same kind of things, love on top of all! And suddenly you become aware that all this shitty stuff is made just by few, a minority. But since the media gives them so much attention we actually believe that it is big! It isn't!

And when I say minority I mean also them ones that believe they have us all in their hands! You to wake up fellows! Not everybody is asleep. Who knows, after all, things might work out differently than you expected!

New World Order, yeah, right!

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