Monday, June 10, 2013

100% Transparent - Or shall I say NAKED!?

More and more we read and/or see in the news, and by news I seldom mean the
mainstream news and yes, social media news and other alternative sources of information's, about the government cutting into our rights.

Well, first of all, I do not believe we ever had any rights other than the right to shut up, vote, pay taxes and to live according to their ideas. What I believe is that we have privileges, temporary privileges that can be taken any time government wants - but this is a whole other story.

So let's see if this is some kind of new idea.

The United States was founded by a bunch of upper and middle class white guys telling us that all men are equal, except for the slaves they kept on their farms taking care of heavy duty work and serving their families. And all men had the same rights (as we read in the Bill of Rights), except again, woman, for they somehow where not equal enough to vote just to mention one example. In 1940-something, Japanese American where sent to concentration camps simply because their parents were born in the "wrong country"! Honest, law obeying citizens locked away, well that's what I call rights!

But let us be fair, this is not an US only situation, but for time sakes let me just stay here for a while.

So, in recent history we have the so called Patriot Act. Congress signed this paper and gave government more rights to "protect us"! By giving government something it had to be taken from somebody. Guess who lost rights here!!!!???

And now we hear this guy, Edward Snowden, whistle blowing about government spying on our e-mails. Again!

So, they listen to our phones, read our mails, watch us on the streets, and so on! Yes, we know! They do that all the time and are doing this ever since!

Honestly, I don't give a damn thing! If they think they need to read my boring mails and watch me all day long, well so be it - I have nothing to hide and I believe most of the people don't! But, here's a thought;

Same rights for all!

If I have to practically strip naked when going through security at an airport, so do they! If they can read my mail, so I want to read theirs to! If they know who killed JFK, if the moon landing was real or fake, if there are aliens among us, than I want to know this to!

But, if you government and special interests groups want to keep some secrets, so get the fuck out of my life and leave me alone!

Do not argue with me that this is all for my protection! We are 6 billion people on this planet and maybe, just maybe, 1% of them are evil and terrorists, the majority is not! And this majority is interested in food, water, knowledge, health, friendship, love, basic prosperity and don't waist not even a second of their time thinking about how to kill someone, or invade some other country or any shit like that!

I don't mind walking around naked all the time so that you can see all I am doing, but I know that you don't want me to be sniffing around your business! So better wake up, cause the more stuff you invent to control us, the more you get us curious about what you are doing. Just a thought! Slow down and get real! You are in "public service", remember? Do I have to explain to you what that means?

I guess not.

So, have a great day everybody. Enjoy live and summer and let us all get naked! This should be fun!

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