Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Power of Love

These days, in modern society we experience overwhelming anxiety, because we are awash in countless examples of how "bad" things are. All of this focus on the negative creates more of the same. We feel stressed as we wonder, "Where has kindness run off to? Where are honesty, friendship and gentle solutions to problems?" All the opposites of love are fear-based emotions that cause pain, which in turn lead to illness. Even medicine canot  discount that heart disease or heart attack might possibly be the result of a negative situation that someone experienced in their lives!

Okay, so what do we do about it?

In my humble opinion, we need to retrain ourselves to celebrate our connections to one another and to all the wonders in our lives. It is more than helpful to turn off the cell phone once in a while and simply "see" nature, even here in the city. Hey, there are trees we can thank for giving us oxygen along with a touch of natural beauty. We can be grateful to the air for being there 24/7, enabling us to live. We can develop deep appreciation for the water that comes out of the plumbing we are blessed with. 

Plumbing is a miracle! 

Think of all the people around the globe who wish they had such miracles as running water and sewage! We can concentrate on how lucky we are to have water, which is essential to life! We can take the time to feel the earth under our feet as we walk and be glad we have a place to be.

Every single thing around us comes from nature: the buildings, the sidewalks; everything is made of something from nature,  and nature is pure love.

YOU are a natural thing, and YOU are pure love, as am I. So I say "thank you" to you for being there, and when I say "thank you" I connect with the power of love. It sets off amazing energies within that  bring healing and health.

True love heals. Yes it does. It is the most powerful thing there is.

Robert Ziehe

Author of "It Is Not About How, It Is About Now!"
Co-author of "Pieces of Instigation, add fuel to your mind..."

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