Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Day At A Time

Living One Day At A Time

Our lives are made up of
a million different ways.

Some are spent searching for
love, peace, and harmony. Others
are spent surviving day by day.

But there is no greater moments than that life, with all it's joys and sorrows, is meant to be lived one day at a time. It's in this knowledge that we discover the most wonderful truth of all.

Whether we live in a forty room mansion, surrounded by servants and wealth, or find it a struggle to manage the rent month to month we have it within our power to be fully
satisfied and live a life with true meaning. One day at a time we have that ability, through cherishing each moment and rejoicing in each dream. We can experience each day anew, and with this fresh start we have
what it takes to make all our dreams come true.

Each day is new, and living one day at a time enables us to truly enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

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