Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heal The World

"There's a place in your heart - And I know that it is love - And this place could be - Much brighter than tomorrow - And if you really try - You'll find there's no need to cry - In this place you'll feel - There's no hurt or sorrow - There are ways to get there - If you care enough for the living - Make a little space - Make a better place"

One thing I am for sure, no matter what, when or where, giving love is the best way to find love, happiness and fulfillment. Whenever I gave, I received! This independent of religion, color and believes. Love has no language, no frontiers or bounderies, love knows no limits. Love is the only thing that the more you give, the more you have, the only yhing you don't need to save. Love in abundance!

Whish you all a very loving weekend!

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