Sunday, January 6, 2013

Honestly, what!? (Viewer discretion advised)

I didn't want my first post in 2013 to be a complaint, but, sorry, I need to get this of my chest.

Have you ever, and by you I mean YOU, said to a cook:
"Oh my, you must have some great pans, your food is delicious!"
or to a mechanic:
"Great, my car is working again! What tools did you use?"
No? Maybe you said to a painter:
"Look at this marvelous painting! You must have some great brushes!"

No? Of course not, this would be stupid!

But why in Christ's name, every time I am out shooting and someone sees my gear they go:

"Wow, this is some camera you have there. It must take great pictures!"

NO! The camera doesn't take good pictures!! I do!

A camera doesn't make good pictures, just like an oven doesn't bake good bread or a brush doesn't make art. It is the person behind the tool that does it!

Yes, you can go into the grocery store and get some ready mixed flower, add some water or milk, stick it in the oven and 15 minutes later you get yourself a cake. The same way you can set a modern camera to full auto and you will get fairly good pictures. But you will never, ever get even close to the taste a cake has, when made with real ingredients by a real baker.

I started taking pictures in 1974 (make your math), long long before auto focus or picture styles or programs were incorporated into modern cameras. Long before digital was an issue. I actually had to study to go from a snapper to become a photographer. And as a matter of facts, because of these constant changes in technology I am still learning, on a every day basis!

So, please, the next time you're at a wedding or some other event and you see a photographer at work, go and acknowledge him for what he is, a professional. And if you have any questions about photography, ask. If the situation allowes I am sure he will be glad to explain you how things work. I know I will. And remind yourself, the camera is a tool! An instrument, and if you don't know how to play it, you always be a snapper - with some good results if you are talented, but to make that really great shot, the money making picture, you have to study - ALOT !!!!

Have a great 2013!

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