Sunday, December 30, 2012

After All, the World did not End!

So, there was no catastrophic wave massive enough to wipe out entire civillisations or a collision with a rogue planet powerful enough to end the world on the dreaded Dec 21, 2012 doomsday date after all.

The build-up to the day was much different though. Some children were so worried that they would perish on that day that they had difficulty sleeping for fear if they closed their eyes, the end would come.

And these kids were not the only ones who feared that the end of the Mayan calendar as we know it was symbolic of the end of the world. Even some adults feared the end, triggering stories of families the world over building bunkers and storing vast food supplies.
Well, that day came and went just like any other day of the year, and so did Christmas. And as we look ahead to the new year, we wonder what's in store for each and everyone of us.
I know of many friends who like to set goals and make new resolutions every year. Whether they achieve what they had set out to do is a different story altogether, but the fact is they just like the thought of setting goals.

Some say setting goals is a game of smarts you must be specific, the goals must be relevant, you need to set a deadline to achieve your goals, etc.

It is often said that those who write down their goals are 33% more likely to achieve them. But while putting a timeline to achieving your goals is laudable, it could also turn out to be
a double-edged sword by piling the pressure on you.

Perhaps identifying what you want to do instead of setting goals would be a viable alternative. Just make a list in case you forget what you have set out to achieve, instead of giving yourself some hard targets.

However, initiating this “wave of change” requires effort and will. Whether it is a list in our minds, our hearts or on our e-notebooks, we should all strive to make an effort, as only with effort can we make a difference. After all, life is all about carving out new experiences, and for that new experience, we need to move out of our comfort zones.

Well than, I 'd like to leave you with some inspiration I got recently and as a matter of facts, it has nothing to do with changing years, but very much with changing lifes.

If you ever wondered why someone is more successfull than you, maybe this is one ansver! Check out what Warren Buffet hast to tell us about this, take some of it into account and in your life and who knows that so desired change actually happens for you!

Have a great 2013 and untill the next End-of-the-World date,

God bless,
yours truly
Robert Ziehe

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