Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stand up For Your Believes

In my book “It Is not About How, It Is About Now!” one of the major issues to live a life of happiness is the fact that we should believe in ourselves and stand up for our believes. Easy said I know, but trust me, I am not the only one who says that. I had the help of Greek philosopher Socrates on my way to find out how important this standing up for yourself-thing is.

"Independence of what other people think. Sounds somehow strangely frightening but attractive. Especially when we are used to hear: “Don’t do this or don’t wear that! What will our neighbors say!” I always wondered what and why it was so important what our neighbor, the milk man, the cashier at our local supermarket had so important, that I needed their approval for whatever it was what I intended to do" (from It Is not About How, It Is About Now!)

I decided to share every day a little of my thoughts written down in the book, here with you. I'd like to make this a place of discussion, revelations, findings, whatever is needed to help you on your journey to happiness. So here is my invitation. Be free to participate.

Have a great weekend and - be happy!

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