Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Police committing crimes, arbitrary arrests, shots fired from lethal weaponry, unconstitutional, violence, aggression, censorship, police making state terrorism in Rio de Janeiro.

We can not claim our constitutional rights, we can not meet, we can not protest, can not defend ourselves legally, we can not express ourselves, we can not shoot video or take pictures.

You want to know why?

Because federal, state and municipal government have plans to subdivide and sell the city regions with high real estate potential, arbitrarily and ilegally expelling the poor from their homes, to overvalue the sites and then sell them at exorbitant prices. Destroy and sell our heritage, as the building of the Old Indian Museum Complex and the MaracanĂ£ to private investors and make millions with these bargains; sell our areas of environmental preservation to hotel groups and mega real estate companies; invent pharaonic and useless, totally overpriced revitalization projects as the Port Wonder, and cable railways; make a lot of money with speculation in the property market and construction.

Lots and lots of money!

And we're messing up with their plans.

We mess up when:

we disturb the order and silence settled over all this, screaming and shouting WE DO NOT WANT THE WORLD CUP, so that investors might begin to fear to inject money in stocks of companies engaged in these scams.
When we expose to the world the sickness of our country's leaders and their government acts and leave more evident all the dirty tricks that involve the production of mega-events such as World Cup and Olympics.
When we disturb the plans, financial calculations, charts and profits of mega-corporations / governments by delaying or preventing their performances: as the demolition of the old school Friedenreich.
When we destroy the image of our government and country abroad, scaring away new potential investors who would act not only in the period of mega-events, but mostly afterwards.
When we cause fear within tourists, who might stop coming here of fear of demonstrations, cutting down the input of rivers of money into multi-million dollar hotel chains friendly with our governments.
Our government planned for years ahead mega-events as a way to allow the entry, movement and handling a tons of money. They plotted, calculated, planned, closed agreements, signed contracts, did the math, distributed their shares of money from the sale of the city by the lucky occasion these mega-events would generate.
They began to execute this grand project.
And they are DESPERATE!
They did not see this coming from a population who for so long was behaving passively before the atrocities, injustices and robberies of the government.

Now, they do not know what to do!
So the only thing they came up with was to declare war to the people: weapons, oppression, censorship, lack of control, mismanagement, fear, violence, terrorism, aggression - the most stupid and uncontrolled reactions of a government before the despair of not knowing what to do with the situation and the possible loss of profits and benefits.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The drop of water that made the barrel overflow. 

Brazilian government pushed it to far. Thought they could go on forever, as long as they maintain the people happy with "bread and games"! 

But no, this time they are wrong. The world will recognize and will turn their back to Brazil's government and will embrace the Brazilian people and help us become the country we deserve to be. 

Now it is the time for change, real change.

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