Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Through My Pictures

I guess for those who frequently check out this blog it became kind of obvious, that since the beginning of this year I haven't been very active.
This is mainly because I really don’t know what to write. Somehow I felt that I had to concentrate a little more on what truly inspires me. Photography.
So, until the words come back to me I will do as follows, I will talk to you through my pictures. I’ll try to post a new picture, or several, on an every day basis. Expressing my feelings, thoughts, ideas, fears, emotions, well, anything.
Feel free to comment, criticize, trash, love or have any other kind of reaction and feeling towards my photos. Believe me, I have them to.
Love you all, have a great one and if you just having a lazy moment, check this out: - got already some stuff there for you.
Security is an illusion. You can lock yourself away from the world or just go out there an enjoy being alive. Doensn't matter. Eather way you are safe. 
One way though is more fun.

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