Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wisdom Tooth

A rather stupid name for something that is supposed to be ripped out of your mouth as soon as it shows up. Who was the bright engineer anyways that put it in there in the first place? God, while making Adam he was having a bad moment and thought "take this so that I have something to laugh about when it hits you!" - or maybe evolution ... The extraterrestrials that breaded us in vitro saying "I won't make you as perfect and intelligent as I am, want to see how you handle this by yourself!"

I don't know. What I know is that mine lasted forever but even me couldn't escape from destiny. I had to ripp it!

For some reason God, evolution, the Martians, whoever, thought it would be very funny to make my teeth special. So, when everyone else has a tooth with one root for example, this same tooth in my mouth has two. And when everyone else pulls one, he is done with it in a few minutes, but I ...

So my turn came and I went to the dentist. As usual he was all funny and happy and joking around and we all were very relaxed. He took an x-ray of the chosen one, just to make sure everything was fine. "Peace of cake!" was his comment, "We'll have you out in a blink!"

"The same procedure as last year Miss Jane?"
"The same procedure than every year James!" 
(Dinner for One - - a must see)

Shot, no pain, tools ready, lets go! Pull, push, pull, push, pull, push ... getting loose ...
pull, push, pull ... 5 min. ... pull, push, ... 10 min. ... changing tools ... leaver, push, ... pull, sweat, ... 20 min. ..., no more jokes (I wonder why?!?!?!) ... tooth is loose, it is coming ...
pull, push ... 10 more minutes, pull, CRACK! "Shit!" went my dentist ... he managed to brake the tooth in half ... "Great!" I thought ...

"Just in case I will give you another shot, OK!?" 

He’s is asking me? Just in case of what? "Gnhmmm hmm" was all I could say with all them "toys" in my mouth ...

 It took another 25 minutes until the last peace of root was extracted and my dentist came up with this glorious comment: "Finally, I was about to give up, my arms are hurting like hell!" 

"What! Your arms hurt! You want to give up! Would you like to change place with me you $#@ˆ**#@**!!!!!!!" I thought, my mouth still full of stuff, ... but I thought it very loud cause I truly believe he heard me!

This was the last time I saw this particular dentist. Yesterday I had a similar procedure to do with my new dentist. After 20 min. everything was done, no troubles, no pain, 4 stitches and next week I'll be back to continue treatment.

One thing I still don't get. Why do they call it the "Wisdom Tooth"?

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