Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Groundstone

Today I lay down the groundstone for the
"International Church of Gratitute, Kindness and Happiness"
We accept members of all religions, believes, races, sexual orientations, hobbies even politicians.
In our bible only a few orientations:
1. At least one day in the week you stop wining and spend it being thankfull for all you have (family, health, job, friends, pet dog, that rusty old car in the garage, the garage itself, ... you fill the blanks)
2. Treat yourself and other with kindness! All the time.
3. Be happy! No excuses. We all can if we want to. It is olnly up to us.
4. For all the rest use your common sense - think before you act and act wisely.
Inscriptions start now, no fees, no paperwork, you want to participate actively, leave comments and invite others to live by these simple orientations. No need to leave any other church to be part of this one.
C'mon, let's be happy!

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