Thursday, March 24, 2011

So Angry ...

It was more than 10 years ago, the last time someone pointed a gun to my face. Today it happened again! Few minutes after I droped my doughters at their mothers place, I stoped my car at a red light, about to make a right turn, when suddenly 5 idiots jumped out of nowhere and assaulted a woman in the car in front of mine. Two of them turned pointing their guns at me and came running towards my car, and while one opened the drivers door, I jumped out the passengers one, luckily dragging my backpack with me with all my stuff in it. So while I was there sitting on the sidewalk the seccond guy jumped over me into the car and they took of, taking the ladies and my car with them. 

It took only a few secconds and all was over. All what was left was a woman crying out loud, shaking all over her body, and me sitting there making a stupid face and the only thing I could think of was that I just had droped my kids. 

After hours at the police station I finally got back home, angry as hell, nervous, thinking about my babies, and after talking to a very good friend, I started feeling just glad and lucky. Lucky that I had droped them and that they weren't with me at that time, happy that their guardian angel was so efective and made me taking them to their mom, even when it wasn't her day. 

Well, I really didn't needet that, but who does. I had to go very deep inside o find some argument, or past experience or whatever to calm dowm, and I am still searching for the good part of all this, I might find it some day, for now, I am still angry - calmer, but still angry - and happy, my kids are fine, sleeping well at their mothers and tomorrow, I'll pick them up at school and after homework we might catch a cab and go to the movies... 

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  1. My friend,
    It has been a fucking hard situation.....
    Yes...You had a guardian angel. God said: " Robert...not today...." It makes You think like shit.
    I am happy You are alive.
    Only one thing...take care of those situations You can manage.
    If You are dead, nobody cares....
    Enjoy and take care of all taht, that surrounds You: yourself, kids and family.
    Try to smile. You still can see Your daughters, the people, who are with You.
    we all know, it is other people´s fault. But they can not manage the situation. And You will not neither. But You can manage Yourself.
    And in that part...God is with You.

    Un fuerte abrazo,
    Christian Rauert

  2. Thank u Cris, trust me, I will be fine, just need to get rid of the anger.